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Aiina Center Overview
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Aiina Center Overview

Aiina externals What is Aiina?
Aiina is a multi-use cultural and activities center for use by all citizens of Iwate Prefecture, regardless of generation, location, or occupation.

concept Details Page Concept
Aiina is designed as a center to foster the exchange of cultural and business ideas, concepts and general communication for all residents of Iwate Prefecture.

Structual Design Features Structural Design Features Details Page
The Aiina Center features unique and environmentally friendly structural design and considerations.

Facilities guide and services Facilities guide and services Details Page
An introduction to Aiina's facilities and services.

User-Friendly Design User-Friendly Design Details Page
Aiina's facilities are designed for ease of use by all visitors.

Art Gallery Art Gallery Details Page
Aiina's Art Gallery features the works of 10 artists.

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