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Aiina Center Overview
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Aiina Center Overview

Concept and Implimentation @Structual Design Features @Integrated Facilities and Services @User-Friendly Design @Art Gallery

Concept and Implimentation

A center designed to meet the communication and exchange needs of a new generation.
A center which promotes the exchange of information and ideas within Iwate.
A center which will aid and empower the citizens of Iwate into the 21st century.
A center designed to highlight and strengthen the unique character of Iwate.
A symbol of a new Iwate.

Center Objectives
The promotion of the heart and character of the citizens of Iwate.
Encourage the participation of the citizens of Iwate.
To support the needs of the community in a new era.
Offer hours of operation convenient to the intended users.
Effective and efficient facilities managment and control.
Offer adminstrative services to Iwate Prefecture as a whole.

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Structural Design Features

Outline of the construction Functional

(‚P)Location Morioka Eki Nishi-dori 1-7-1, Morioka, Iwate.
(‚Q)Site Size 9,000‡u
(‚R)Building Footprint 7,855‡u
(‚S)Total Floorspace 45,875‡u
(‚T)Number of Stories One story below ground level, nine stories above ground
(‚U)Building height 47.4 m
(‚V)Construction Steel Frame (A portion of the building utilizes ferroconcrete construction)
(‚W)Construction Period 31 months
(‚X)Total Construction Cost 24.5 billion yen

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Efficient Environmentally Friendly Design
@Efficient design and use of wind, sun, and geothermal energy contribute to a 74% reduction in operating costs.

Effective use of natural power sources such as solar and geothermal energy.
1.@Effective use of natural power sources such as solar and geothermal energy.
Energy saving design such as double-walled construction, re-use of rain water, etc.
2. Energy saving design such as double-walled construction, re-use of rain water, etc.
Structual features such as seismic dampers to ensure building longevity.
3. Structual features such as seismic dampers to ensure building longevity.

  • Effective use of natural power sources such as solar and geothermal energy.
    -Use of solar energy
    -Atrium design fosters natural ventilation
    -Geothermal energy reduces heating demands
    -Use of efficient area heaters
    -Well water assists in the melting of snow
  • Efficient energy saving and energy recycling design
    - Reduction of air conditioning costs through the use of double-wall construction, energy-saving window, etc.
    - The use of efficient airconditioners to reduce energy requirements.
    - Natural daylight sensors control lighting to reduce electrical energy costs.
    - The recycling of rain and other water sources.
  • Structure Longevity
    - Ensure ample floor and equipment space.
    - The use of hydraulic seismic dampers ensure structual integrity.
    - Safe, gas-based fire fighting equipment reduce the risk of water damage.

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The Atrium functions as a central focal point for all activity within Aiina.
@The atrium is an open, communal space within the center of the facility. It maximizes the use of available natural light and energy, and is designed to foster communication and exchange between all facilities within Aiina to create an interactive, unified community.
The Central Atrium

yFunctional Designz
  • A user-friendly layout and convenient traffic flows between Aiina facilities.
  • The Atriumfs open design enables an all-encompassing view of the Aiina facilities.
  • The Atrium maximizes the use of natural daylight.
  • The open design fosters an environment of exchange and communication.
  • The space is also designed to be comfortable and accessible during the winter months.
  • Natural ventilation and floor heating contribute to an energy saving design.
  • The open design enables the integration of art installations to create an engaging environment.

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Universal Design
The Aiina facilities are designed to be accessible and functional for all users, regardless of age, gender, or ability.
Easy access restroom facilities, child nursing facilities, public address announcements, and magnetic guide loops are incorporated to enable the utmost ease of use for all.

These universal design concepts are employed throughout the facilities.
Voice guide device

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Integrated Facilities and Services

Floor Office Services
1F Morioka Motor Vehicle Licensing Center Driver instruction, testing, and licensing, License renewal, International Driverfs Permits and extensions, license reclassification services.
2F Iwate Passport Center Issuing of Passports, Passport assistance and guidance, overseas travel safety information, etc.
Iwate Prefectural Housing Plaza Housing-related information center, housing design and contractor information services, consultations services, and housing related events.
3F Iwate KIBO Plaza Information sending concerning important problem of prefecture,Acceptance of proposal to prefecture ,Iwate Tomorrow Design Organization secretariat
3F - 4F Iwate Prefectural Library Offering a broad range of collected and retained library materials, book loans to municipal libraries, cooperation with other organizations.
4F Iwate Prefectural Center for the Visually and Hearing Impaired Offers for loan a collection of Braille books, audio books, and video with sign language, as well as lecture and study sessions for the visually and hearing impaired.
Iwate Citizenfs Plaza Offers a barrier-free dissemination of general, news, and political information to residents of Iwate via events and internet broadcasts.
5F International Exchange Center Offers a variety of information, events, and support for foreign residents, not-for-profit and volunteer organizations.
Environmental Studies Center Offers a variety of books, videos, and information via the internet, as well as events, lectures, and exhibits by various organizations regarding the environment and itfs conservation.
6F Non-Profit Organization (NPO) Activity Center A center for the development and promotion of non-profit and volunteer activities via lectures, internet, magazine publication, and training.
Youth Activity Center Youth leadership training and development, support and promotion of youth cultural activities, music and theatrical productions, and youth-focused project support and consultation.
Equal Opportunities Center Promotes male-female equal opportunity education and training, offers a variety of related information, lectures, and equal opportunity festival, telephone consultation, and related support.
Senior Citizenfs Activity Plaza Offers information regarding senior-oriented events and activities, hosts events and training supporting the senior citizen community.
Child Rearing Support Center Offers a variety of support and information regarding child-rearing issues and concerns, including publications, consultations, events and information sessions, and an internet homepage.
7F Iwate Prefectural University, Aiina Campus Continuing education graduate and audit classes, extension and recurrent lecture acceptance, collaborative research projects and consultations.
3F - 8F Community Use Rental Facilities Rental indoor and outdoor facilities appropriate for conferences, presentations, training seminars, cooking, performances, etc.

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User-Friendly Design

Floor and User Guides

Floor Guide:
Outdoors (1F) Physically Disabled Parking,
Electric Wheelchair Parking
(1F, 3F)
Guidance Bells, Textured Walkway Guides, Interphone, Wheelchair and Babystroller Access.
Elevator Halls (1F ` 8F) Touch Map and Interphone
All Floors Public Washroom
Multifunctional Toilet
Audio Guide Equipment
Water Fountain
Emergency Exit and Guidance
Public Phone
Individual Floors 1F
Ostomate Toilet
Japanese Style Toilet
Child Nursing Room
Magnetic Guide Loop
Infrared Hearing Assistance System
Users Guide:
Visually Impaired Visitors Physically Disabled Parking
Guidance Bells, Textured Walkway Guides
Touch Map and Interphone
Audio Guide Equipment
Braille-equipped Handrails
Hearing Impaired Visitors Magnetic Guide Loop
Infrared Hearing Assistance System
Emergency Exit and Guidance
Visual Guidance System
Physically Disabled Visitors Physically Disabled Parking
Wheelchair Access
Multifunctional Toilets
Electric Wheelchair Access
Visitors with Infants Strollers
Child Nursing Rooms
Infant Rest Area
Multifunctional Toilet
Other Public Toilets
Drinking Water Fountains
Public Phone

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Art Gallery

Captivating works of 10 artists.
Ten works of art following the themes of Man, Nature, and Knowledge are integrated in and around the Aiina facilities.
We encourage you to see, touch, and experience these works from all angles to fully appreciate them.

TitleFSecret of the Sky
Secret of the Sky
Type of InstallationF Sculpture
Installation LocationF Third floor outdoor court yard entrance.
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Type of InstallationF Sculpture
Installation LocationF Near the third floor entrance.
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TitleFMind Space
Mind Spase
Type of InstallationF Sculpture
Installation LocationF Near the fifth floor Aiina Gallery
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TitleFSphinx on the Windy Day
Sphinx on the Windy Day
Type of InstallationF Sculpture
ArtistF Funakoshi Katura
Installation LocationF Near the fifth floor Aiina Gallery
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TitleFAppearance of Crosses 2005-2
Appearance of Crosses 2005-2
Type of InstallationF Picture
ArtistF Ding Yi
Installation LocationF Across from the sixth floor Youth Activity Center.
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Type of InstallationF Image
ArtistF Yoshida Shigenobu
Installation LocationF Near the third floor entrance.
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TitleFWalking in the Mountains \\ Dember 2005
Walking in the Mountains-Dember 2005
Type of InstallationF Mural
ArtistF Honda Takeshi
Installation LocationF On the wall of the third floor Prefectural Library entrance.
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TitleFReversible PaintingFAspiration
Reversible PaintingFAspiration
Type of InstallationF Mural
ArtistF Momose Hisashi
Installation LocationF On the wall of the fourth floor Prefectural Library entrance.
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TitleFMovement No.2|Clouds Rendiating Outward
Movement No.2|Cirrus Radlatus
Type of InstallationF Sculpture
ArtistF Florian Claar
Installation LocationF Hanging from the sixth floor ceiling.
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TitleFElectronic Tree
Electronic Tree
Type of InstallationF Sculpture
ArtistF Piotr@Kowalski
Installation LocationF In the fourth floor Iwate citizen's Plaza.
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