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Information Desk
TEL:019-606-1717 FAX:019-606-1716
Morioka Driving License Center TEL:019-606-1251 FAX:019-623-1255
Prefectural Housing Plaza TEL:019-652-7744 FAX:019-652-8123
Iwate Passport Office TEL:019-606-1720 FAX:019-606-1721
Iwate KIBO Plaza TEL:019-606-1775 FAX:019-606-1775
Iwate Tomorrow Design Organization TEL:019-606-1775 FAX:019-606-1775
Iwate Prefectural Library TEL:019-606-1730 FAX:019-606-1731
Iwate Prefectural Center for the Visually and Hearing Impaired TEL:019-606-1743 FAX:019-606-1744
International Exchange Center TEL:019-606-1750 FAX:019-606-1751
Environmental Studies Center TEL:019-606-1752 FAX:019-606-1753
NPO Activity Center TEL:019-606-1760 FAX:019-606-1765
Equal Opportunities Center TEL:019-606-1761 FAX:019-606-1765
Youth Activity Center TEL:019-606-1763 FAX:019-606-1765
Child Rearing Support Center TEL:019-606-1764 FAX:019-606-1765
Iwate Prefectural University Aiina Campus TEL:019-606-1770 FAX:019-606-1771


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