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Rental Facilities

Aiina Hall@Galleria Aiina@Conference Rooms, Seminar Rooms (5th, 6th Floors)@Conference RoomsESeminar Roomsi7thE8th Floor)@Open Event Space

Aiina Hall
Image Room Name Size Uses
Aiina Hall Hall 548u
(22.2m Wide x 30.6m Long x 5.7m Ceiling Height)
Multi-use hall for lectures, meetings, theater, concert performances.
Dressing Rooms Dressing Rooms
(709 ` 713)
  Performer, promoter, visitor dressing areas.
Rehearsal Studio Rehearsal Studio, Shower Rehearsal StudioF74u Rehearsal, practice, etc.
Meeting Rooms Meeting Rooms
(707, 708)
18uC32u Meetings, staff rooms.

Galleria Aiina
Image Room Name Size Uses
Galleries Galleries 1 ` 3 38.7u`112.4u Various shows, exhibitions, etc.

Conference Rooms, Seminar Rooms  (5th, 6th Floors)
Image Room Name Size Uses
Cooking Studio Cooking Studio 136u Nutritional lectures, Men's cooking classes, traditional & local cooking lectures, dietary improvement training.
Inter-Generational Exchange Room Inter-Generational
Exchange Room
272u Multi-purpose space for meetings, seminars, events, and exhibitions.
Mixing Studio Mixing Studio
Music Studio
Mixing Studio F 51u,
Music Studio F 23u
Theatre, band, and chorus activies, etc.
Japanese-Style Rooms Japanese-Style Rooms
(606 ` 608)
6 ` 8 tatami mats Traditional and cultural training, kimono dressing, tea ceremony, etc.
Conference Rooms Conference Rooms
(501 ` 605)
25 ` 208u Meetings, conferences, etc.

Conference Rooms, Seminar Rooms  (7th, 8th Floors)
Image Room Name Size Uses
Conference Rooms 701 Conference Rooms
(701 ` 809)
80 ` 434u Meetings, conferences, etc.
Training Rooms 810 Training Rooms
(810 ` 817)
40 ` 253u Training, etc.

Open Event Space
Image Room Name Size Uses
Courtyards Courtyards
A ` E
67.8 ` 156.3u Various events, open-air markets, etc.
Iwate Citizen's Plaza Iwate Citizen's
Plaza A ` D
68.8 ` 96.7u Various events, open markets, etc.
Aiina Studio Aiina Studio Stage Area F 48u
(Width 8m x Depth 6m)
Various events, open studio, public presentations, etc.

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